The reason for the name of the co-constructed company 'cooperation factory+brand building 'establishing a brand' has adhered to the principles of 'internationalization' and 'high quality' from the beginning, and has always adhered to the customized professional design of pneumatic tools and provided instant after-sales service. It has been well received by customers for many years.
Taiwan's hand tool industry supports the global maintenance market,Taiwan has a complete local industrial chain and overseas channels, as well as upstream factories such as Sinosteel, steel products, and forging, heat treatment, and electroplating factories, allowing Taiwan to manufacture mid-to-high-end hand tools and sell them all over the world,
At the beginning of the founder, the entrepreneurial customer group mainly served lighting and computer assembly. After the 1980s, the dynamic capitalist economy led by foreign investment, and the processing export economy quickly became the main axis of Taiwan's economy. Lighting and computer assembly The customer base requires increased production capacity, long-term response, how to achieve ultra-short delivery time, every second counts, and increasing export production capacity to improve enterprise productivity is bound to become the decisive key to operating profitability to work

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