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Pneumatic small mixer

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Provide customized sockets and tools success stories 2
Pneumatic small mixer made by well-known automobile factory (with video)
Blender wet blade assembly with wrench and drive socket removal tool kit

co-construction pneumatic agitator, co-construction Pneumatic mixers can be used with a variety of blades and a variety of fixing methods according to customer needs.
Pneumatic motors, pneumatic mixers, pneumatic mixers, and pneumatic series can avoid the dangers caused by volatile gases and electricity, provide a safe and effective working environment, and allow raw materials to be fully mixed evenly to improve the quality of painting and have high durability. Design, with a very strong structure to conquer the most difficult use environment
 The vane air motor can operate at high speed, while providing high torque, high stability, and low noise. It can also be used with a multi-proportion motor reducer to provide the best torque value and correct speed.The use of the mixer can be matched with a variety of blades and a variety of fixing methods according to customer needs.Xiejian pneumatic mixer series can avoid the danger caused by volatile gas and electricity, and provide a safe and effective working environment.
Features and advantages
Durable and reliable in tough environments
Using air as power, high safety
Easy to control speed
High stability, strong and durable
Application range
Painting industry
Printing Industry
chemical industry
food industry
Paint industry
stir ink
All kinds of liquid mixing
Installation form
Round lid type
Square lid type
Manual lifting table type
Cart type
U-shaped frame
Automatic lift table type
Manual lifting table type - fixed fixture
Standard Fixture Type

Sales method: manufacturing
Sales target market: Taiwan
Inquiry payment method: TT wire transfer, L/C letter of credit

Competitive Features
Accept small orders: HSIEH CHIEN AIR ACTIVATION CO., LTD. The minimum order quantity for acceptable inquiries is 1 piece
Pneumatic small mixer accepts original factory commissioned design and manufacture ODM
Pneumatic small mixer accepts OEM commissioned by the original factory

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