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Pneumatic nail pulling machine

  • HC-580C

  • 協建

Pneumatic nail gun

●1.1 Kg

●Large range of pulling force

●Nail suction

● Pullable stainless steel nails

Product Description :  
● Model :  
● itinerary  : 21mm
● air pressure  : 5~7kg
 :  1.1kg
● Tool comes with  : 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm nail tip
● Applicable  : Stainless Steel Nails, Iron Nails, Aluminum Nails
● Advantages: lightweight, automatic nail removal, no recoil

Pneumatic Lightweight Nail Puller


           With the rise of global energy saving and carbon reduction issues, lightweight has become an important goal of industrial development. Manufacturers are also focusing on lightweight materials, including aluminum alloys and high-strength steel materials. However, for materials with different properties, processing technology Form a great challenge.Especially in terms of the service life of machine tools, how to use light weight and durability to reduce costs and achieve the desired effect of customers is the key to the improvement of product functions of machine tool manufacturers


pneumatic rivet gunAlso known as pneumatic rivet gun, it is called differently in China. Of course, whether it is a pneumatic rivet gun or a pneumatic rivet gun, it is nothing more than a kind of rivet gun. As a riveting tool, it is better than other riveting tools, such as In terms of manual rivet guns and electric rivet guns, they are not only superior in terms of work efficiency and functions.


Pneumatic rivet guns are professional hand tools for fastening and riveting of various metal sheets, pipes, etc., and are currently being widely used in various fields, such as electrical appliances, ships, automobiles, aviation, railway transportation, refrigeration industry, furniture, decoration, etc. Riveting of electromechanical and light industrial products.It is developed to solve the shortcomings of metal sheets and thin tubes that weld nuts are easy to melt, and tapping internal threads is easy to slip. It can rivet riveting products that do not require internal thread tapping or welding nuts. The riveting is firm and efficient, and the shape is small and easy. Portable and easy to use, it is one of the most commonly used riveting tools in the world.



Sales method: manufacturing, retailing
Sales target market: Taiwan
Inquiry payment method: TT wire transfer, Check check, L/C letter of credit

Competitive Features
Excellent quality: Xiejian pneumatic nail pulling machine made of plastic steel
Various designs: HSIEH CHIEN AIR ACTIVATION CO., LTD. provides various designs of pneumatic nail pulling machines
Accept small orders: HSIEH CHIEN AIR ACTIVATION CO., LTD. The minimum order quantity acceptable for inquiry is 1
Pneumatic nail pulling machine accepts original factory commissioned design and manufacture ODM
Pneumatic nail pulling machine accepts OEM commissioned by the original factory

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