Introduction of Pneumatic Tools

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Introduction of Pneumatic Tools

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It is mainly a tool that uses compressed air to drive an air motor to output kinetic energy to the outside.Pneumatic tools have the advantages of small and exquisite body, long life, high safety, and more energy saving. The varieties and specifications are relatively complete. They are also widely used in places where electric tools are not convenient to use, such as woodworking, lock making, gas stations, Chemical industry and so on.

What are the commonly used pneumatic tools?

Pneumatic wrench is an efficient and safe tool for removing and installing screws. When it is working, the noise is relatively loud like the sound of guns, so it is named.The force generated by a large jackhammer is equivalent to the force of two adults tightening a screw with a wrench more than two meters long. Once the pressure is too large, the screw is easy to be damaged when tightening the screw.

1. Introduction of Pneumatic Tools

Tools driven by compression tools are commonly referred to as pneumatic tools.This concept can be applied in a very wide range, including: construction industry, automobile equipment repair, office and furniture production and assembly, electronics industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing, foundry industry, metal processing, plastic injection molding, aerospace technology, and production of household appliances , bicycle production, decoration production and other industries are widely used pneumatic tools.

2. Types of pneumatic tools

There are many kinds of pneumatic tools, which can be divided into the following five categories according to the way of operation: Rotary type: pneumatic screwdriver, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic cap puller, pneumatic engraving machine, pneumatic grinder, pneumatic drilling and tapping machine Reciprocating: pneumatic File, Pneumatic Saw, Pneumatic Hammer Piston Type: Pneumatic Case Sealer, Pneumatic Scissors, Pneumatic Cap Pulling Gun, Pneumatic Nail Pulling Gun Piston Type: Pneumatic Sand Mill, Pneumatic Grinder Home / Products / Pneumatic Tools Others : wind gun,

3. Features of pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools are characterized by being able to operate in high-risk environments such as humidity, dust, and flammability, and have the characteristics of high stability and a wide range of applications.It is an indispensable helper in all walks of life in modern times.1. As the driving source of tools, compressed air is easy to obtain and inexhaustible in any environment. At the same time, it is directly discharged into the atmosphere after use without causing environmental pollution, which is quite environmentally friendly.2. The structure of pneumatic tools is simple and easy to process, and the technology is mature, the service life is long, and it is reliable. It has been used in the industry for many years and has a wide range of versatility.3. Can work in extreme environments, such as: flammable, explosive, dusty, high temperature, low temperature, vibration, humidity and other harsh environments, pneumatic tools can perform correct and safe operation.4. Compared with electric tools, the price of pneumatic tools is generally cheaper, the purchase and maintenance costs are lower, and the construction of compressed air pipelines and future maintenance are relatively simple and cheap.

4. Matters needing attention in the use of pneumatic tools

1. It is necessary to maintain a stable air pressure so that the pneumatic tool can operate stably. Therefore, the size and power of the air compressor and air storage tank should be selected according to the scale of use and the type of tool.2. The maintenance of air tools is equally important. Before and after daily use, inject about 3 c.c of air lubricating oil through the air inlet and idle the air tool for a few seconds so that the lubricating oil can really spread inside the fuselage.Proper maintenance can help pneumatic tools prolong their life and stabilize their working ability.3. Since the body and cylinder of pneumatic tools are mostly made of metal, the compressed air will contain moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to install a dryer after the air compressor to remove most of the moisture and prevent moisture from entering the fuselage and causing damage to the inside of the fuselage. Rust and oxidation.4. Based on the above, it is best to install three-point combination between the pneumatic tool and the pipeline to achieve: pressure regulation, oil replenishment, and water filtration, so as to prolong the life of the tool and stabilize the working ability

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