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HY-102 Automatic Machine Tools

  • HY-102

Automatic Feeding Nail Pulling Machine

Product Description : 
● Voltage: 220ㄒ50HZ
● Working air pressure: 5.5kg / cm⊃2; / 85PSl
● Dimensions: Length 39cm / Width 25.5cm / Height 26.5cm
● Net weight : 23kg
● Gross weight: 31kg
● Feeding speed: 40pcm / min
● Capacity : 1000pcs
● Continuous feeding work uninterrupted
● The gun body is light in weight
● Riveting tight
● Zero mistakes
● Speed up production line operation
● Customized specifications according to customer needs
Product Usage : 
The automatic feeding pull stud gun is used for customized pull studs. Customers need to provide customized pull stud specifications. Do not share pull studs of different materials and specifications. This product uses excellent
High-quality synthetic material, with the advantages of light hand-held, fast pulling speed, tight riveting, and speeding up the operation of the production line, it is an ideal pulling stud connection tool.
Application areas: computer mainframe, medical machinery, barbecue grill, electromechanical maintenance, communication equipment, automobile industry.
Product installation method and steps:
1. Place the main unit on a flat work surface.
2. Put the tool on the pull nail conveying pipe and install the nail hole inside the main body of the device.

3. Insert the signal line and cylinder line connected to the tool into the corresponding position of the host.

4. Turn on the power supply (220V), and the installation of the equipment is completed after the air supply.

1. Turn on the power, connect the air source, and check whether the vibration adjustment knob of the host is in the designated position. If there is no vibration, fine-tune the knob to the appropriate speed.
2. Pour the pull studs into the storage position, and the amount should not exceed the height of the track.

3. Before operating the nail pulling machine for the first time, it is necessary to check whether there is a pulling nail at the front end of the nail pulling gun.

4. When the nail pulling action is performed for the first time, the trigger of the nail pulling machine is pulled, and the machine will align the pulling nails, automatically transport them to the muzzle, and align the material to start the operation.
Product operation precautions:
Read the instruction manual before installing, operating or servicing this tool.
1. To ensure the accuracy and stability of feeding, please do not drop the gun head and knock the feeding slide rail.
2. The tool should be used within the design range (as far as possible, do not replace pull studs of different specifications and use non-220V voltage), and regularly check the damage and performance of the tool.
In case of failure, tool disassembly should be carried out by trained personnel to eliminate the problem.
3. Do not bend the delivery pipe and confirm the mobility of the equipment in the working environment.
4. If the feeding is not smooth, please use the magnetic rod to suck out the standby pull studs in the host to rearrange them. Remember not to pull the trigger of the pull stud gun multiple times.
5. When disassembling parts, the air supply must be disconnected.

Product Maintenance :
1. Air pressure adjustment: The air pressure is about 3-4.5kgf/cm3.
2. Keep it clean, wipe the main unit with a little oil, do not use water.
3. Keep it ventilated and dry.
4. Regularly check the plug and power performance.
5. Check daily for rodents biting the air tube and wires.
Product General Troubleshooting :
1. If the pull stud is pulled continuously, the hydraulic oil of the pull stud gun should be replaced.
2. When it is found that there is a blockage in the mouth of the pull nail, the residual nail slag should be cleaned up in time.
3. If the problem cannot be solved, please call immediately and send someone to deal with it.


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